48 hours with Le Meridien Split, Croatia

48 hours with Le Meridien Split, Croatia

Split is the next trending city in Croatia just like Dubrovnik after Game of Thrones decided to start filming in the old town of Split for the last season. Compare to my visit from 3 years ago, I’ve noticed that the number of tourists visiting the city have increased almost exponentially in the old town area and almost every second residential building in the old town has turned into some sort of Airbnb or guest house apartments. I’m not sure about your travel style, as for me, I prefer to stay somewhere spacious, relaxing, away from the chaos but also in close proximity to where all the actions are.


Located less than 9km away from the old town,¬†Le Meridien¬†sits right on the water front on the beautiful Adriatic Sea, which made it the perfect location for couples who are looking for a romantic getaway and groups who want to dock their yachts at the marina. I personally found the location is very convenient and it is easily accessed by the hotel’s free shuffle or a quick Uber ride.


I was overwhelmed by the range of service and facilities that the hotel offered during my 48 hours stay with Le Meridien. It has its own marina, casino, shopping center, private beach, tennis court, spa, and several pools, restaurants and bars. It’s like a small town itself and you could easily spend your days here without even stepping out.


Sunset on the Adriatic Sea

I have to confess that I have a fetish for sunsets. I have sat on many beaches around the world to watch the sun goes down while sip on my cocktails, but I have to say, the ones on the Adriatic Sea are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen in my life.

Just Chill and Relax

Spas are girls’ favorite hangout places! After a week of sailing on the Adriatic Sea, having a 5-star spa treatment was exactly what I needed to unwind before I travelled onto the next part of my journey in Europe. The Diocletian Spa in Le Meridien is the largest of its kind in Croatia and offers over 70 different treatments.


I had an incredible spa experience with Diocletian Spa just before the sky turns into pink. Sipping in my herbal tea right in front of this beautiful sunset gave me a short moment of reflection in life. It made be to realise sometimes simple moments like this in our lives can make your journey very memorable. All it takes is just to put your busy travelling schedule on hold and enjoy your presentation without being worried about your next appointment on your travel to do list!

Wine & Dine

7 Palms

Located right on the beach, 7 palms would the idea location for a romantic candle light dinner during the sunset. Or you can always start with an aperitif and chill on the bean bags right in front of the restaurant on the beach to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.



One thing I’ve been craving during the past 3 years since my first visit to Croatia, is their scampis. The Croatian scampis are so fresh and tasty that you can almost eat them without any additional ingredients. 7 palms served its scampis in the traditional Croatian way, it caught me by surprised. I almost licked off all the remaining sauces on the plate after finishing off the scampis.




The new trending modern tapas style Italian restaurant on the block. This restaurant reminds me of Milanese women – chic, simple but stylish, tasteful, open yet delightful and it’s a place you want to go back to revisit just like the Milanese women that you can never have enough of them. Having an Asian background, I love the idea of sharing food on the dining table. It’s a more intimate way of dining with your family and friends. Italians share the same concept – the dining experience is all about sharing – the ultimate way of bonding with your family and friends.

Beach Front

I have a thing for day beds. They are so dreamy. When I’m on beach holidays, I’m always on a mission to hunt for beach front or pool side day beds to chill. It’s always my favourite chilling spot. I’m totally in love with the day beds here at Le Meridien, as they have one of the most beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. It is just so peaceful to gaze into and not to think about anything! It’s such a luxury nowadays to give our brain a break and not to think about anything, especially for the ones live in the big cities. City lives can be very stressful most of the time that everyone is constantly on a mission to complete some sort of tasks or try to defy time cause we never have enough time to do everything we want to tick off on our daily to do lists. Here I am – just chilling and day dreaming on my day bed. What a way to spend my holiday!



Originally published by 4EvaJessie in collaboration with Le Meridien Split.