Crowne Plaza Kings Cross, London






430 Bedroom Hotel

Public areas include Reception, Club Lounge, Conference Centre


The Crowne Plaza, Kings Cross is located in the heart of London between trendy Clerkenwell, and busily Kings Cross and St Pancras international train stations.


This 430 bed hotel renovation upgraded the hotel and rebranded it to a Crowne Plaza. The extension added made this hotel in to the biggest Crowne Plaza in Europe.




The challenge presented was how to give this contemporary buzzy hotel a unique and individual look whist thinking about our guest’s experience.


The original Holiday Inn hotel was converted over a 3-year renovation whist adding value to the property by constructing a new bedroom wing, consolidating the food and beverages outlets and adding meeting rooms to the conference centre.






Located on one of the oldest London transportation routs, the bedrooms are inspired by the journey and travel though the country.


The rooms become part of your travel experience or your journal whether it’s a note you wrote on a piece of paper now printed on the bedroom panelling wall or the suitcase shaped of the guestroom headboards.




Our reception area was inspired by a Baggning Wells, an old spa which existed on the hotel grounds around 1675. The sap was one of Europe’s most famous wellbeing retreats with internationally renowned gardens.






We took the inspiration of the fountain in the centre of these gardens and turned it on its head to become the reception ceiling feature. The wood beams jetting from the centre of this feature project out of the main entrance door, marking the entrance to the hotel and creating a small canopy over that area.