Sleeper Bar, London




The Sleep Bar is a pop up bar created for The Sleep Exhibition, London on Nov 2013.


Nous Design rose to the challenge and came up with an intriguing concept for this 2 day event. The bar was created in an elongated area which was the entrance to the design gallery.


This all-white installation is a simple play between defined geometrical forms and abstract structures. The space design captures and provides the guest different environment to network and socialise.





The guests are led through serious of wall installation sculptural pieces. This installation is made of aluminium triangles which form 3 dimensional shapes growing and developing on the wall. We enhanced this structure with LED spot lights.


In the centre of the space is a V shape bar which is the centre of attention. The bar is constructed from 64 ceramic shelves and sinks. The shelves form a geometric shape which becomes the bar wings. LED lights are placed on each shelve giving it a floating look.


The top bar counter is made of 6 ceramic sinks which are filled with ice and form a champagne and wine display. The far end of the bar has an ever flowing champagne tap.







As far as we know it is the first ceramic bar of its kind!


The bar weighs 1.8 ton


The overall structure of the triangle spans to 12 meters but only weighs 150 KG


Bar designed with Laufen products in mind and can have the top tray changeable at any point to be used with other Laufen products.


The wall installation sculpture is made of 1854 pressed aluminium triangles with 3 modules which make each shape bend a deferent way.


Ceramic is a good insulating material and therefore the top of the bar does not get very cold even though the continuation of that surface in a sink full of ice.


Keg of Champagne holds 2.5 litres which can be drank contentiously and consumed within 2 ½ minutes