Le Meriden, Split





This beautiful seaside resort is located on the Adriatic Sea next to Split. The hotel includes 392 rooms, 6 Food and beverage outlets and Spa which are going through a stage by stage renovation.


7 Palm Restaurant, is grill restaurant set by the sea with various levels all cascading to the main beachside. Renovating the restaurant, we have decided to change the surfaces in to raw materials such as natural local stone walls and teak flooring.



Creating a unique simplistic look that caters for a true resort hotel. The sail structure brings the sea elements into the shore and give a sense of sculptural element with a stunning back drop to the beautiful sea side and views of Split city through the golf of Potsrana.


We have made changes including adding a successful lounge space, new outdoor bar area and additional 30% seats.




We also made changes to the operation and services areas including enlarging the kitchen, adding an outdoor grill and creating a new bar.


The exclusive VIP Lounges and Cool Beach Bar are both an example of where we made recommendation to the client which made a fantastic return on their investment within the 1st season.