Conlemani Restaurant, Split





This new concept restaurant focused on creating a Naples style food inspired by the Italian cheekiness, the family oriented businesses and passion in general: whether it is passion for style, food, drinks or life.


We came across the most spectacular market food and tiny shops of Naples which inspired us to create an open vista or a market place restaurant. Showing and displaying wealth of colour and of variety.


The combination of reach and simple materials and the feeling that you are in a family space where the staff and actively involved in your experience, promoting the passion of food through what feels like a family place.



The restaurant is located on yacht marina on the Adriatic coast close to the city of Split. In order to attract local and international tourists alike, we created a clean and non-pretentious scheme which aspire relaxation. Most of our seasonal guests would like to site outdoors and therefore the restaurant is designed to look open ended and inviting.


The entrance to this place is made though a herb garden. The shelves throughout the restaurant display raw ingredients used by the chiefs for cooking, as well as for products which are sold under the Conlemani brand. The guest is brought through the smell of herbs to a fresh and welcoming environment where they can sit and enjoy fantastic drinks and great food.






Our staff is in the centre of this story. Human interaction is the most important part of the guest experience and therefore the design of the space enhances this interaction. By making our chiefs pick up ingredients from next to the guests they are in full interaction with them throughout the dining experience.


For us it is the craftsmanship of beautiful space, food creation and the experience that comes with it.


Con Le Mani – Italian for With the hand.